This wiki is intended mostly for bug tracking with trac. Information about the project and the software is in the documentation linked below.

Starting points to explore AdjoinableMPI are:

  •  documentation (generated with doxygen) - includes contact information and user/developer guides
  •  mercurial repository to get the source files and change history
  • simple  regression tests run daily
  • related presentations:
    • Feb/2014 - TU Darmstadt (Germany) - An approach to discrete adjoints for MPI-parallelized C++ models applied to the NASA/JPL Ice Sheet System Model -  slides
    • Dec/2013 - 15th EuroAD workshop - Oxford (UK) - What I did to Adol-C and ISSM -  slides (partially superseded by the above)
    • Jun/2013 - Petascale Computing Joint Lab workshop - Lyon (France) - Designing and implementing a tool-indedendent, adjoinable MPI wrapper library -  slides
    • Jan/2013 - Seminar of the Computation Institute (University of Chicago) - Adjoinable MPI: from theory to a reusable implementation -  slides

Trac is fairly self explanatory but some information can be found following the links below. General info for trac:

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