09:24 Changeset [876] by fisaila
Fixed a small bug in tracer.


12:41 Changeset [875] by fisaila
Corrected bug in tracing.
09:17 Changeset [874] by fisaila
yet another parser


16:44 Changeset [873] by fisaila
A trace parser variation.
10:02 Changeset [872] by fisaila
Corrected a bug with the trace file name. Updated the trace parser.


13:56 Changeset [871] by fisaila
Fixed a bug : local log pointer used in MPI_Scan operation is now also …
12:54 Changeset [870] by fisaila
Added partial tracing functionality. - actived through DARSHAN_TRACING …


14:56 Changeset [869] by carns
spelling fix
14:34 Changeset [868] by carns
tagging 2.2.9-pre1 release
14:33 Changeset [867] by carns
update changelog
13:21 Ticket #141 (darshan_log_getexe() is prone to buffer overflows) created by carns
This API call in the logutils library requires the caller to provide a …
13:17 Ticket #140 (job header corruption in darshan-parser) closed by carns
fixed: Short term fix in trunk, will open lower priority ticket for better fix …
13:17 Changeset [866] by carns
short-term fix for buffer overflow, fixes #140
13:08 Ticket #140 (job header corruption in darshan-parser) created by carns
New log files created in current trunk produce corrupt values for nprocs, …
13:01 Ticket #135 (Update wrapper generators to change handing of mpich library name) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk.
13:01 Changeset [865] by carns
fixes #135 less strict matchin of library names when doing symbol checks …
12:51 Ticket #139 (cp_normalize_timestamps() can produce negative timestamps in log()) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk; only deduct init time from timestamps if timestamp is …
12:50 Changeset [864] by carns
bug fix to timestamp normalization
12:44 Changeset [863] by fisaila
Fixed a bug in the darshans extensions when writing 0 bytes from 1 …
12:39 Ticket #123 (Improve handling of case where many file systems are mounted) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk. Also boosted array size for tracking file systems at run …
12:39 Changeset [862] by carns
Fixes #123, track up to 64 file systems at run time, and prioritize …
12:12 Ticket #130 (consider increasing CP_JOB_RECORD_SIZE) closed by carns
fixed: Boosted metadata_len to 1K in trunk. That way we have more room for …
12:12 Changeset [861] by carns
Fixes #130 again; needed to boost metadata len in addition to job record …
11:10 Ticket #130 (consider increasing CP_JOB_RECORD_SIZE) reopened by carns
Whoops- reopening. I boosted the job record size but did not increase the …
11:07 Ticket #132 (_by_slowest time metric doesn't consider MPI operations) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk.
11:03 Changeset [860] by carns
fixes #132 Darshan now considers MPI-IO time if available when …
08:49 Changeset [859] by fisaila
Added timing counters for CP_F_MPI_BARRIER_TIME, …


15:40 Ticket #109 (Add MPI level shared file timing data (similar to posix)) closed by carns
duplicate: See #132. Will evaluate if we should add new fields to the log file or …
15:37 Ticket #130 (consider increasing CP_JOB_RECORD_SIZE) closed by carns
fixed: Done in trunk. The record size has been boosted from 1 KiB to 4 KiB and …
15:32 Changeset [858] by carns
fixes #130 The uncompressed header size for darshan logs has been …
14:59 Changeset [857] by carns
update darshan util documentation to reflect new darshan-parser --perf …
14:55 Ticket #124 (show total I/O time ("by slowest") in darshan-parser output) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk. The old output looked like this: […] And the new …
14:53 Changeset [856] by carns
fixes #124, overhauls the output shown with darshan-parser --perf


10:57 Ticket #66 (add ability to disable shared file reduction) closed by carns
fixed: Implemented in svn trunk, use the DARSHAN_DISABLE_SHARED_REDUCTION …
10:56 Changeset [855] by carns
add environment variable to optionally disable shared file reduction
10:47 Ticket #131 (add craype 2.x support) closed by carns
fixed: Example module file and pkgconfig file have been added to svn trunk and …
10:46 Changeset [854] by carns
update Changelog with craype 2.x information
10:45 Changeset [853] by carns
update documentation to include Cray PE 1.x and 2.x instructions
10:33 Changeset [852] by carns
add modulefile for craype 2.x deployments
10:01 Changeset [851] by carns
initial step to adding CrayPE 2.x support to tree: generate .pc file
09:53 Changeset [850] by carns
some reorganization to make it possible to separate craype 1.x and 2.x …


13:43 Ticket #134 (craype 1.x module file doesn't include aio wrapper options) closed by carns
invalid: This was already taken care of for 2.2.8 release. I might have mistakenly …
11:08 Ticket #128 (Investigate RPATH mapping for libfmpich.so) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in trunk by clarifying darshan-runtime documentation.
11:07 Changeset [849] by carns
Fixes #128; document how rpath influences LD_PRELOAD of darshan library.
10:50 Ticket #114 (darshan-util doesn't honor the CC variable) closed by carns
fixed: Switched to CC and tested in Linux environment and on BGQ. Also fixed …
10:45 Changeset [848] by carns
minor bug fix: make sure that LDFLAGS (including possibly library path for …
10:36 Changeset [847] by carns
Fixes #114; make darshan-util honor the CC variable for compiler to use.


18:53 Changeset [846] by ssnyder
export gzip include/link paths in pkg-config
15:47 Ticket #139 (cp_normalize_timestamps() can produce negative timestamps in log()) created by carns
The cp_normalize_timestamps() function was added recently in trunk to …


17:24 Changeset [845] by fisaila
Corrected a bug: avoiding to use a epoch after finalize is called.
17:00 Changeset [844] by fisaila
Defined an environment var DARSHAN_POSIX_EPOCH for starting an epoch for a …


10:31 Ticket #138 (Darshan causes build errors in ROSS) created by carns
See  https://github.com/carothersc/ROSS. When ROSS is built with a …


08:52 Changeset [843] by fisaila
Corrected a bug in recording the minimum and maximum extent.


13:37 Ticket #137 (merge darshan-florin-extensions branch to trunk (epoch support)) created by carns
The darshan-florin-extensions branch contains work done by Florin Isaila …
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