15:41 Changeset [da477e427153126228171de95ea8d9a3a78e0a1a] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Complete (first) implementation for darshan -darshan-core: - …


16:01 Changeset [7496c279aeb8003a655ee581145ecec6b4d18ddc] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
More updates to facilitate runtime core shutdown


11:01 Changeset [37d68c1ea108118df1dfd259e96b7c6d33f32110] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
code cleanup and add darshan-common to build


15:37 Changeset [44a058c21369e5e069c87a243e5b59b7e47cbd1a] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Initial darshan-core shutdown logic
15:36 Changeset [c88a970e8fa565ca47228e25a4da2bdc104ead32] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Remove darshan-common from build temporarily


16:05 Changeset [0da31a588b438cc6905b94d6923ba90d51f3f964] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
initial darshan core shutdown logic -also, darshan core uses utlist to …
12:22 Changeset [40c8ed2eb34f503dcfcc184890854412ef2b24ad] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
updat todos, instrumentation for posix open/close


14:24 Changeset [b1ae796cb558e93b5de96bd3d46077319a4acac9] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Convert posix module to use uthash
13:30 Changeset [265328856281b37ae5c368db8be346239bb0fe55] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
simplified posix module and added core lookup


13:45 Changeset [f32fc8df6dcfada5071e9b1f2a3939d940b4e056] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
whoops, typo
13:39 Changeset [b56995e72693c0fdef75ac1ab4cc8cb6c0525274] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
update release checklist
13:26 Changeset [2a24693eaa03d3c02b547aa77e07f58e34c6ce8e] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
update doc to match new darshan-parser output
13:19 Ticket #144 (confusing unique file timing results in darshan-parser) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed in git. The relevant section now looks like this: […] ... and …
13:17 Changeset [752e747b4d4c881f164205481a81486779415d1d] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
clarify and improve darshan-parser --perf fixes #144
10:52 Ticket #148 (confusing tic marks on timescale graph y labels) closed by carns
fixed: fixed in git master. Perl code calculates ytic range and interval rather …
10:48 Changeset [a783978ea560063ecd97240641d101c260626ffb] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
fix ytic labels for time interval graphs fixes #148
10:25 Ticket #145 (add start-group linker option to pkgconfig Libs) closed by carns
fixed: fixed in git master
10:24 Changeset [0ff8468881b17873c18b1c8e4c731e39f61b458d] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
update pkgconfig for craype 2.x to group libraries fixes #145


17:41 Changeset [29cc3cd6b4a15555a3b5ad7c5d229594d420e64d] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
further refactoring of darshan code base
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