13:14 Changeset [f9e5a24e9b089cd60ae3e9bd330d702c05a7884c] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
updated code for darshan modularization


16:20 Changeset [0843817664ce9c4648fcbb63bed987f0a6aa7359] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
slight update to code structure/naming
14:09 Changeset [bd6ef3089a15eea6df6a0e1af9d85104aec27ec0] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Update with some TODO notes
10:27 Changeset [66a491402851fa417e01c8e571ddf68fe06ee5e9] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
First commit for modularing darshan runtime New darshan-core source files …


10:34 Changeset [e60076aee7f5ebe7d7a0303c880a6cb61c8e5fcd] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
add whiteboard notes and text notes


14:09 Ticket #148 (confusing tic marks on timescale graph y labels) created by carns
The y axis in the timescale graphs in darshan-job-summary.pl are rank …
14:03 Ticket #147 (Darshan does not catch files opened with mkostemp()) created by carns
The glibc mkostemp() function does not call the libc open() or create() …
09:42 Ticket #146 (zlib configure check bug) created by carns
Initially reported by Kalyana Chadalavada: […] On other platforms the …
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