03/03/15: Today

15:17 Changeset [1c3f36906e32f8acd563d09071a3b3e044ef7c81] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
instrumentation bug fix
15:10 Changeset [cb17024a79ffee1c5521dabe1fcf67dc83ac2c26] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
add core shutdown instrumentation

03/02/15: Yesterday

16:38 Changeset [e984a8b5ed52b9628040dcf28d33715241f235fb] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
cleanup darshan runtime shutdown code
14:31 Changeset [ddf51033c75168a7930d47e5a2353cf56aaef255] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
runtime support added for shared file reductions


23:00 Changeset [f999603f0a66c729d7a3163c3060a48012f4de55] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
darshan log decompression bug fix
09:18 Changeset [56b12ca2d8bcb72045dd70bdee2d5bf63d6857c9] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev-modular Conflicts: …
08:51 Changeset [2eae92a35b1bd8e43aad1ba14ea522e18e3c114f] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
mv pkgconfig link options to Libs.private - this ensures that link-time …


16:56 Changeset [8f85fd08a49f9c2862ae1636b3ed46f609806239] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
log compression good to go, revamped logutils
10:44 Changeset [efd500f045180f703b65ec537ed312c7bb13b40e] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
makefile bug in darshan-util


16:00 Changeset [35f07b3803bd03fe2f7ec893c59b12970d700bbe] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
code cleanup / bug fixes


11:33 Changeset [af20f42af9a38bf4d5258eb0bfa8ad2703158a3c] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
Clean up variable names and source files
10:13 Changeset [601e5ef70169f6d00c271f53f2f0a8cd7fdfd86f] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
more documentation for dev-modular
10:11 Changeset [2de806226fd5c86dd9ecb4863054afb93e6cef55] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
No longer store unique hash with mount info


17:00 Changeset [7b412204c29e14502ee14a2f7f71b99f285c1fb9] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
misc bug fixes and more documentation
15:50 Changeset [bec14184625b9df85e56f60d8d3ca6b9feb4d013] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
update configure to only wrap open for now
15:13 Changeset [42a4b3b084b0aebf1a1a4b37d4b9b4270fd39967] by Shane Snyder <snyder@…>
darshan runtime makefile cleanup


23:40 Changeset [756b640d97a13630c0e30e6b84b82e975e78d369] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
updated runtime/util to use exe/mount info


13:10 Changeset [018122117ee9f50abaa2b5fd73b7d3133c09373c] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
revamped error handling runtime side


17:30 Changeset [5348600bd92eba9cf3d8935512b523a5232838f7] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
update runtime/util side with new index map def


14:49 Changeset [721e5e5ca6ca0e14a530cef57d9bca47dbc94bc4] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
some code/header reorg + minor edits


09:41 Changeset [7dafe56e782713e35311781fe5b488b7984e548e] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
minor update to release checklist
09:36 Changeset [a5832499de7e0091db8d01f59c946c3a119dfd23] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
bump to pre2 version number
09:33 Ticket #143 (Evaluate use of mpicc profile hooks to avoid generating full wrappers) closed by carns
fixed: Added example configuration files and documentation. Will need additional …
09:30 Changeset [547fa7af4c5993f4a89eb46412d7d7c52de4fc32] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
documentation updates for profiling conf files
08:59 Changeset [c904d6e0ad7b094ccf905ce297323d748cda31ae] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
attempt to detect lib name for profile confs


16:07 Changeset [bdbe35ed4e16effb653b1b53bf64721e4e68dee6] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
preliminary mpi profiling configuration files - no documentation or …
14:25 Ticket #151 (test F90 instrumentation in recent MPICH releases) closed by carns
fixed: Testing complete, tracked issues in recent MPICH releases to these known …
14:17 Changeset [7fdf26f08dfc4528bcf7397f3786ad96a2d6cbd2] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
First cut at logutils and posix parser
14:17 Changeset [3d963df90711b53b02beeb649bfaf0a363d83328] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
additions to log format
14:16 Changeset [2936261cb3ad0146fac92846fff70e4c62a4fa75] by Shane Snyder <ssnyder@…>
more refactoring runtime side
12:40 Changeset [3421534f9f6293c3aca1603162d09849028b5d93] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
doc update for MPICH 3.1 - 3.1.3


20:16 Changeset [f0d7be0fefc9431cc3245cd4632c8f6c7a27c1c4] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
minor changelog update
20:16 Changeset [aaeb071fda2bcaebff57ebff8d70043955cacc7a] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
minor comment update
20:08 Changeset [aa8583814b7e0817ca3f6b44b9de8121498959a7] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
regression test environment for dynamic linking
19:50 Changeset [5dc512f197185c3aaacd118e014cfe28fbfb04a2] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
rename platform in regression tests
19:33 Changeset [e30a1aec9a24dac450eb2a9e35fd9ca06bb1828a] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
simplify environment configuration
16:51 Changeset [d3b6727c3f6a58980d1f07abca6ff8ba64d84c3e] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
fix library name for mpich 3.1.1+ cxx builds
16:46 Changeset [fa863d34fa1ffe4944d4d8608997f54b24b2c1f9] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
support libmpifort in place of libfmpich


11:19 Ticket #152 (port regression tests to BG environment) created by carns
Need to implement new compile and job submission wrappers. The goal would …
11:17 Ticket #150 (set up basic regression test scripts) closed by carns
fixed: Initial regression test framework is complete, merged to master, and …
10:51 Changeset [f39548697747bea7213e00d1d09297878ef27cf9] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
update README
10:50 Changeset [d3c4b9ddd884d23065bce0521c219c123d28c9c0] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
update changelog


20:37 Changeset [23523f15fa7e93d176ed90a42e096c1573b750b0] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
Revert "experimenting with jenkins environment" This reverts commit …
20:33 Changeset [55e1f37ed5a377716789882ba2eeed0980fcfb0e] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
experimenting with jenkins environment
20:27 Changeset [4ec192f30eba792a9f40dbccd161352b38363369] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
more path cleanups
20:21 Changeset [ddfcbd5f31ac37be8a69062386ad40a3684242c9] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
relax pwd restrictions
19:49 Changeset [48173bc1eef809adb980ee0bee7bd67ef7ce2bdb] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
fortran test cases
16:39 Changeset [ffc2ef63e93ea0766e9f16754c2bbba3a584a1e4] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
add cxx test case - also fix misc. bash comparison operator goofs
15:54 Changeset [4831753da8baf87b57d11f47b9d0d123632c0982] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
test basic counters
15:45 Changeset [feb1fe1ede5a233948e1945538405eb5275b2222] by Phil Carns <carns@…>
stub in job execution
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