Current Releases is version 1.4.1

All Releases

We encourage you to use the latest released version. If for some reason you would like to try out older versions, we have a table of (most of) our historical releases and their release notes.

Release Notes Date
1.4.1 ReleaseNotes-1.4.1 Dec. 23, 2013
1.4.0 ReleaseNotes-1.4.0 Nov. 17, 2013
1.4.0.pre1 ReleaseNotes-1.4.0.pre1 Sep. 19, 2013
1.3.1 ReleaseNotes-1.3.1 Sep. 24. 2012
1.3.0 ReleaseNotes-1.3.0 Jun. 26, 2012
1.2.0 ReleaseNotes-1.2.0 Aug. 19, 2010
1.2.0pre1 ReleaseNotes-1.2.0pre1 Jun. 15, 2010
1.1.1 ReleaseNotes-1.1.1 Jan. 27, 2010
1.1.0 ReleaseNotes-1.1.0 Nov. 2, 2009
1.1.0pre1 ReleaseNotes-1.1.0pre1 Apr. 22, 2009
1.0.3 ReleaseNotes-1.0.3 Dec. 12, 2008

Subversion Access

The PnetCDF project uses  Subversion for source-code management. We also provide read-only access to anyone interested.

The command to check out the source codes:

svn checkout parallel-netcdf

The SSL fingerprint should be df:f5:37:b1:69:11:e0:63:d3:99:a8:e4:de:50:11:01:f5:73:dc:0a

After you've checked out the source, run command 'autoreconf' or 'aclocal && autoconf && autoheader' to generate the configure script. Please refer to the README files for building recipes on various machines.