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===Obtaining the FLASH code===

Some of the FLASH code base to be used for this activity is not part of the standard distribution. To ensure that everyone in PERI with access to the code understands that it cannot be redistributed, anyone desiring access to the repository (coming soon) will need to e-mail Paul Hovland, agreeing not to redistribute the code. This is in addition to the standard FLASH license agreement (one responsible party per institution).

A new release of FLASH is planned for mid-September.


  • RTflame problem (limited refinement)
  • White dwarf problem

NOTE: These configurations require code that is not part of the current public FLASH distribution.

===Experiment Notes===

  • Katherine Riley (ALCF, Argonne) and Anshu Dubey (University of Chicago) have conducted recent experiments on the BlueGene?/P for problems including the above configurations.

Scaling results? on the BG/P using FLASH's built-in timing routines have been done.

  • There is also a simple FLASH test in the TAU regression suite.