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Configuring PXE Bootloaders for Heckle

In order to use a particular PXE network bootloader with Heckle, it must be able to retrieve a configuration file from a HTTP server. The following sections will cover the various methods we have tried with different bootloaders.


The gPXE bootloader has native HTTP protocol support for retrieving both config files and image data. The process for connecting it with Heckle is therefore the most straight forward, as it requires only specifying Heckle's config url as the file to load.

PXElinux chainloaded from gPXE

PXElinux does not have native support for HTTP, but recent versions have the ability to make use of gPXE's protocol support if gPXE chainloads PXElinux. To accomplish this, the gPXE script sets the TFTP path and then chainloads PXElinux. The setting of the path is needed as PXElinux cannot perform a DHCP request all by itself. Thus if the paths are not set, PXElinux attempts to load the same url that gPXE last loaded from, which was Heckle's config url.