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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1 Killling cnip2 causes kernel oops kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#7 Implement VN, DUAL equivalent mode kazutomo enhancement major ZeptoOS
#22 Error handling in control is incomplete iskra enhancement major ZeptoOS
#35 gdb does not work with flatmem binary kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#38 Writing from 64 CNs is slow with ZOID iskra enhancement major ZeptoOS
#52 L1 transient cache hnaik enhancement major ZeptoOS 2.0
#49 UPC(gasnet), ARMCI, GA build, prebuilt kazutomo task minor ZeptoOS

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#45 shared text/ section kazutomo enhancement critical ZeptoOS
#13 Enable UPC device hnaik enhancement major ZeptoOS
#24 Handle persistent IONs/CNs [email protected] enhancement major ZeptoOS
#37 ZOID does not work with buffers in flat memory kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#40 partition partition shutdown kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#41 Incorporate DCMF git kazutomo enhancement major ZeptoOS
#42 Multiple MPI jobs one after another kazutomo enhancement major ZeptoOS
#44 ION ramdisk building kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#46 Shared memory for VN equivalent mode kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#47 fork from flatmemory kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#48 shared library kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS
#50 Prevent RAS flooding from critical and machine check kazutomo defect major ZeptoOS 2.0
#53 gdb thread program on CN [email protected] defect major ZeptoOS
#25 Generate correct ICMP for unreachable nodes iskra enhancement minor ZeptoOS
#27 Failed CN can hang the whole pset iskra enhancement minor ZeptoOS
#30 zcb's arg, env consumes 2MB zepto team defect minor ZeptoOS
#32 zcb binaries compiled by host gcc zepto team task minor ZeptoOS
#43 CN ramdisk building kazutomo task minor ZeptoOS
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