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#20 hnaik iskra fixed /etc/passwd on IONs is a mess

Right now, the password file on IONs is static (it is generated when the ramdisk is built, instead of when the ION is booted). Actually, it would be even better if we let ZOID maintain it, so that only the user currently owning the partition can log on.

#28 kazutomo [email protected] fixed /proc/cnma wrong unit

'kB' should be 'Bytes' or value should be converted to kB

$ cat /proc/cnma cnma [02100000,6f000000) No. of chunks 0 allocated 0 kB free 1827667968 kB

#19 iskra iskra fixed CN control process leaks file descriptors

When launching the fuse clients and such, the CN "control" process leaks internal file descriptors. It's not a big deal because the fuse client is trusted, and we do properly close the descriptors for the user app, but it would still be nice to fix. The problem is that system() call used to launch fuse and such does not make it easy. Should we implement a custom system()?

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