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#16 hnaik kazutomo fixed Release work
  • MPICH,DCMF and SPI are currently included in zepto svn tree but they shouldn't be in release tar ball. Zepto modified libraries are released in separate tar balls.

  • Make sure all licenses are correct

  • Mark off remove site specific scripts or codes

  • Configuration system. shouldn't be fancy

#20 hnaik iskra fixed /etc/passwd on IONs is a mess

Right now, the password file on IONs is static (it is generated when the ramdisk is built, instead of when the ION is booted). Actually, it would be even better if we let ZOID maintain it, so that only the user currently owning the partition can log on.

#33 hnaik kazutomo fixed Update trunk zepto-kernel with zepto-kernel-devel

We also need to re-organize tree structure.

After re-organization, will contain

zepto-kernel/ # basically kernel and ramdisk code only zoid/ arch-runtime/ DCMF/ testcode/ zelf/ cnip/ packeges/ # contains software packages for CN,ION includes pvfs2,busybox,etc prebuild/ # prebuild binaries

Need to modify relevant Makefile or script for this structure change

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