13:19 Ticket #31 (debug message control) closed by kazutomo
fixed: debug control is implemented. zepto_debug=level for kernel debug msg …


02:00 Ticket #40 (partition partition shutdown) created by kazutomo
a job is not terminated if that runs on a partially occupied partition. I …
01:56 Ticket #39 (weird RAS msg (rare)) created by kazutomo
I saw weird RAS events a couple of times in early boot. This might be …


17:16 Ticket #38 (Writing from 64 CNs is slow with ZOID) created by iskra
ZOID daemon seems to have a scalability problem. Writing is fastest with …
17:12 Ticket #37 (ZOID does not work with buffers in flat memory) created by iskra
If flat memory is used (buffers_flat.c), ZOID becomes very unreliable. In …
16:42 Ticket #18 (Reading from /dev/tree kills CN kernel) closed by iskra
invalid: I can no longer reproduce this bug. control process has been changed to …
16:23 Ticket #36 (our own busybox built) created by kazutomo
we are just using IBM compiled busy. this is not convenient, esp for …
16:18 Ticket #35 (gdb does not work with flatmem binary) created by kazutomo
13:15 Ticket #14 (dynamic linked binary not working) closed by kazutomo
13:15 Ticket #12 (ptrace is not fully working to zcb) closed by kazutomo
13:14 Ticket #8 (Partial Partition) closed by kazutomo
13:14 Ticket #28 (/proc/cnma wrong unit) closed by kazutomo
13:12 Ticket #34 (update pvfs2 package) created by kazutomo
we have the latest pvfs2.
13:01 Ticket #29 (zcb and /proc/self/cmdline) closed by kazutomo
fixed: I've fixed this problem. Reading /proc/self/cmdline calls …
12:58 Ticket #33 (Update trunk zepto-kernel with zepto-kernel-devel) created by kazutomo
We also need to re-organize tree structure. After re-organization, …
11:19 Ticket #32 (zcb binaries compiled by host gcc) created by kazutomo
zcb binaries compiled by host gcc do not work. There is difference in …
11:05 Ticket #31 (debug message control) created by kazutomo
- kernel early boot can be controlled by kernel parameter. i.e. …
10:52 Ticket #30 (zcb's arg, env consumes 2MB) created by kazutomo
arg, env stings are stored in user pages. Mostly zero page, so it's not …
10:12 Ticket #5 (zcb timeout ras events) closed by kazutomo
fixed: the latest zepto kernel no longer generate zcb timeout ras events.
10:10 Ticket #6 (DMA inj counter underflow) closed by kazutomo
fixed: fixed zcb exit procedure.
10:02 Ticket #29 (zcb and /proc/self/cmdline) created by kazutomo
zcb does not read /proc/self/cmdline correctly. I guess that other procfs …


12:52 Ticket #28 (/proc/cnma wrong unit) created by [email protected]
'kB' should be 'Bytes' or value should be converted to kB $ cat …
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