14:30 Ticket #19 (CN control process leaks file descriptors) closed by iskra
fixed: Fixed using fcntl(FD_CLOEXEC).


21:28 Ticket #20 (/etc/passwd on IONs is a mess) closed by hnaik
fixed: /etc/passwd made to contain only the user entry by Zoid.
16:56 Ticket #17 (MTU of TUN device can't be increased on IONs) closed by iskra
fixed: The performance problems have been resolved. The fix was to uncomment the …


11:40 Ticket #4 (control-c on CN) closed by hnaik
fixed: Fixed.
11:38 BusyBox created by hnaik
11:34 Ticket #36 (our own busybox built) closed by hnaik
fixed: BusyBox v1.12.1 built. Binary at: trunk/BGP/packages/busybox/prebuilt …


13:19 Ticket #31 (debug message control) closed by kazutomo
fixed: debug control is implemented. zepto_debug=level for kernel debug msg …


02:00 Ticket #40 (partition partition shutdown) created by kazutomo
a job is not terminated if that runs on a partially occupied partition. I …
01:56 Ticket #39 (weird RAS msg (rare)) created by kazutomo
I saw weird RAS events a couple of times in early boot. This might be …
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