16:14 Ticket #50 (Prevent RAS flooding from critical and machine check) created by kazutomo
kernel often generates tons of RAS events even that is trivial bug such as …
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14:42 Ticket #21 (Error handling in ZOID is incomplete) closed by iskra
fixed: This has been resolved in 2.0.
14:42 Ticket #49 (UPC(gasnet), ARMCI, GA build, prebuilt) created by kazutomo
Provide build system for UPC(gasnet), ARMCI, GA build and prebuilt …
14:40 Ticket #23 (stdin is not supported) closed by iskra
fixed: This bug is fixed in 2.0.
14:26 Ticket #48 (shared library) created by kazutomo
Shared library is not supported now. I have tested shared library with …
14:21 Ticket #47 (fork from flatmemory) created by kazutomo
fork does not work. We can't use a regular Linux fork since they depend …
14:19 Ticket #46 (Shared memory for VN equivalent mode) created by kazutomo
We need to implement shared memory (not backed by paged memory) to allow …
14:16 Ticket #45 (shared text/ro.data section) created by kazutomo
Application text and read-only section should be shared for VN/Dual …
14:13 Ticket #44 (ION ramdisk building) created by kazutomo
No flexible control on ION ramdisk. We can't change permission, etc.
14:11 Ticket #43 (CN ramdisk building) created by kazutomo
Adding files to CN ramdisk is not straight. Need some rearrange of CN …
14:08 Ticket #42 (Multiple MPI jobs one after another) created by kazutomo
Allow something like thi. #!/bin/sh for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10; do …
13:52 Ticket #41 (Incorporate DCMF git) created by kazutomo
Merge our modifications to DCMF git. Incorporate to ZeptoOS ZeptoOS only …
13:47 Ticket #26 (compute node freezes by cqdel) closed by kazutomo
13:45 Ticket #10 (Collective performance issue) closed by kazutomo
fixed: One of the reason was that we didn't implement I/O thread. We have …
13:42 Ticket #33 (Update trunk zepto-kernel with zepto-kernel-devel) closed by kazutomo
13:41 Ticket #9 (CommThread support including IPI) closed by kazutomo
fixed: It has been implemented using pthread
13:38 Ticket #16 (Release work) closed by kazutomo
fixed: ZeptoOS 2.0 has been released
13:38 Ticket #15 (Some SPI functions are not implemnted yet) closed by kazutomo
fixed: Most of them are not necessary on Linux. CNK provides …
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