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#54 carns carns fixed cancel-sem-forloop failure

See resources/sem/test/cancel-sem-forloop failure. Produces a segmentation fault when cancelling aesop_sem_down() calls if the caller issues an aesop_cancel_branches() call in the same set of pbranches that have already been cancelled by a higher level caller.

The workaround is to explicitly skip the aesop_cancel_branches() call if you get a CANCELLED return code from an aesop_cancel_branches() call, but it seems like you shouldn't have to do that.

#59 dkimpe carns fixed aesop backtrace function

(copied from

It would be useful if the auto-generated aesop code could track its call stack so that a "backtrace" could be display on error or a crash. The standard stack trace isn't very meaningful because the aesop code will look like it has a random stack.

#64 carns fixed remove deprecated triton_string_t type from c-utils

Once #59 is closed then we can deprecate the triton-string.[ch] code and remove it from the c-utils repo. There are no other uses in the aesop or triton repos except for some minor test programs.

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