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#74 jenkins fixed "make check" fails on older systems

The timeout command on systems with older GNU coreutils, such as ALCF's Tukey, doesn't support the -k option, causing all tests to fail. The -k option was introduced in coreutils 8.5, whereas Tukey's coreutils is at 8.4.

A possible fix is to remove the use of -k and use -s SIGKILL instead, killing the test after it reaches the (first) timeout threshold of 300 seconds. This won't work, though, if any of the tests are "steady state" and expect to be signaled to quit.

#18 dkimpe invalid Enable non-resource code to register configuration items

With the move to resourcebuilder and branchthreader, we now have non-resource code needing to access the configuration values.

Expose the configuration functionality outside of the resources.

#19 dkimpe invalid Add call to feed variable=value keys to the aesop configuration system

The goal is to link zeroconf to the more limited aesop equivalent.

By adding a processUpdate(key,value) function we can call from zeroconf, we can easily link outside systems to the internal aesop configuration.

The other reason for this call is to enable aesop code to change certain system parameters (such as blocking call debugging) easily.

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