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#30 dkimpe fixed make clean doesn't remove .ae.s and .ae.i

When doing make clean in an aesop tree configured with --enable-aesop-debug, make clean does not remove .ae.s and .ae.i files.

This means that most likely the source translator is *not* invoked again after doing a make clean, only the C compiler is invoked.

This is for 81c56af54c10f4d600d5e05b63fb603b0e053159

#29 carns dkimpe fixed Build dependencies broken for .hae -> .h

In 81c56af54c10f4d600d5e05b63fb603b0e053159, after a make clean, the build fails with missing timer.h, resourcebuilder.h, aesocket.h (and btest.h for the tests).

All these are generated from the corresponding .hae file.

Make seems to be missing this dependency, and tries to build the .o without first building the .h for those headers.

#28 carns fixed errors building some tests using clang compiler

If you compile the aesop tree using clang as the underlying compiler (../configure CC=clang) then everything works except for three specific test programs:

  • tests/blocking-overhead
  • parser/tests/blocking/nbfun
  • parser/tests/blocking/lonely-pbranch3

In all three cases the error looks something like this:

../tests/ error: indirect goto in function with no address-of-label expressions
    goto * (__ae_ctl->gen.state_label);

The translator is emitting boilerplate code that includes jumping to a label pointer, but the function doesn't have any blocking calls or label pointers.

This ticket isn't critical; clang is mainly of interest for some analysis and debugging tools and the above tests can be commented out.

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