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#17 dkimpe fixed Enable run-time resource registration

Add support for 'runtime' resource registration.

Some notes:

  • init and finalize might have to be blocking.
  • Have to take care not to call hard blocking functions (for example pthread_join) from within the init/finalize functions.

This is needed to implement the functionality outlined below.

  • we have some problems with components now:
    • resources and non-resources are initialized differently in the aesop tree
    • not clear when to initialize what
    • have distinction between registering resource and initializing resource
  • consensus:
    • simplify things and make the following changes:
      • every component (even resources) has an explicit, directly callable init function
      • apps/servers/testprograms will explicitly call the init functions that they need
      • if a component depends on something else (like rosd -> tosd -> bdb) then the compent should initialize the things it needs
      • do reference counting in every init/finalize function so that we don't break when init is called twice
      • have resources "register" with aesop when you initialize them
#18 dkimpe invalid Enable non-resource code to register configuration items

With the move to resourcebuilder and branchthreader, we now have non-resource code needing to access the configuration values.

Expose the configuration functionality outside of the resources.

#19 dkimpe invalid Add call to feed variable=value keys to the aesop configuration system

The goal is to link zeroconf to the more limited aesop equivalent.

By adding a processUpdate(key,value) function we can call from zeroconf, we can easily link outside systems to the internal aesop configuration.

The other reason for this call is to enable aesop code to change certain system parameters (such as blocking call debugging) easily.

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