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#20 dkimpe fixed Provide some debugging helper functions for aesop
  • would be nice if we had a function to poke at aesop and dump a list of what contexts are running, what function they are in, etc.
  • the problem right now is if you stop an aesop program in gdb you don't see anything helpful; it is usually in the event loop
  • could trigger with function call, signal, rpc, or whatever
#21 carns dkimpe fixed make install does not install timer & other resources

make install only installs enough to be able to run the source to source translator.

It does not install the headers for the timer & other resources.

#22 dkimpe fixed overriding CFLAGS in make or configure causes build to fail.

Configuring aesop using CFLAGS="-O2" (i.e. ./configure CFLAGS="-O2") or issuing make CFLAGS="-O2" causes the build to fail.

One reason is that it overrides the -I needed to find aesop.h.

This most likely is a bug in and/or aecc

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