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#21 carns dkimpe fixed make install does not install timer & other resources

make install only installs enough to be able to run the source to source translator.

It does not install the headers for the timer & other resources.

#20 dkimpe fixed Provide some debugging helper functions for aesop
  • would be nice if we had a function to poke at aesop and dump a list of what contexts are running, what function they are in, etc.
  • the problem right now is if you stop an aesop program in gdb you don't see anything helpful; it is usually in the event loop
  • could trigger with function call, signal, rpc, or whatever
#19 dkimpe invalid Add call to feed variable=value keys to the aesop configuration system

The goal is to link zeroconf to the more limited aesop equivalent.

By adding a processUpdate(key,value) function we can call from zeroconf, we can easily link outside systems to the internal aesop configuration.

The other reason for this call is to enable aesop code to change certain system parameters (such as blocking call debugging) easily.

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