14:11 Ticket #77 (large number of unused label warnings (Wunused-label)) created by jenkins
When -Wunused-label is set (typically via -Wall), a lot of warnings get …
11:22 Ticket #74 ("make check" fails on older systems) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed. Used solution described above. Only tests that are expected to …
11:21 Ticket #72 (Non-internet installation) closed by carns
fixed: See latest packages available on Aesop project page. The binary …
11:19 Ticket #26 (OSX warnings during build) closed by carns
fixed: Need to retest this with latest version. At least a subset of these have …
11:18 Ticket #22 (overriding CFLAGS in make or configure causes build to fail.) closed by carns
fixed: Fixed.
11:17 Ticket #6 (fix find of .mk files in top level Makefile) closed by carns
fixed: Deprecated. The aesop build tree has been converted fully to automake and …
11:16 Ticket #5 (Build problems on MacOS) closed by carns
fixed: Should be fixed now.
11:16 Ticket #1 (Please Make Mac Install Work) closed by carns
fixed: Aesop should now install on Mac OS. Will reopen new ticket if problems …
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13:59 Ticket #76 (-g3 option breaks lexing) created by jenkins
-g3 introduces extra debugging symbols for macros (gcc-4.8 used in this …
09:33 Ticket #75 (aesop doesn't clean up temp files) closed by carns
duplicate: See ticket #71
09:27 Ticket #75 (aesop doesn't clean up temp files) created by jenkins
After compilation of aesop source files, there are a bunch of …


10:23 Ticket #74 ("make check" fails on older systems) created by jenkins
The timeout command on systems with older GNU coreutils, such as ALCF's …


10:48 Ticket #73 (unable to compile aesop function that returns a struct) created by carns
Reported by Matthew Curry: Here’s the bug: It seems one can’t define a …
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