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Update for the bcfg2-info man page

  • bcfg2-info.8

    33bcfg2-info \- Creates a local version of the bcfg2 server core for 
    44state observation 
    6 .B bcfg2-info [-C <config file>] [-h] 
     6.B bcfg2-info 
     7.I [\-C <config file>] [\-E <encoding>] [\-Q <repository path>] [\-h] [\-p] [\-x <password>] 
     8.I <mode> 
     9.I <mode args> 
     10.I <mode options> 
    913.B bcfg2-info 
    1418.B "\-C <config file>" 
    16 Specify an alternative location for bcfg2.conf. (Default 
    17 /etc/bcfg2.conf) 
     20Specify the location of the configuration file (if it is not in /etc/bcfg2.conf). 
    19 .B "\-h 
     22.B "\-E <encoding>" 
     24Specify the encoding of cfg files. 
     26.B "\-Q <repository path> 
     28Specify the server repository path. 
     30.B "\-d" 
     32Run in debug mode. 
     34.B "\-h" 
    2136Give a bit of help about the command line arguments and 
    2237options. After this bcfg2-info exits. 
     39.B "\-p" 
     41Specify a profile. 
     43.B "\-x <password>" 
     45Set the communication password. 
     47.SH MODES 
     49.B build <hostname> <filename>  
     51Build config for hostname, writing to filename 
     53.B builddir <hostname> <dirname> 
     55Build config for hostname, writing separate files to dirname 
     57.B buildall <directory> 
     59Build configs for all clients in directory 
     61.B buildfile <filename> <hostname> 
     63Build config file for hostname (not written to disk) 
     65.B bundles 
     67Print out group/bundle information 
     69.B clients 
     71Print out client/profile information 
     73.B debug 
     75Shell out to native python interpreter 
     77.B event_debug 
     79Display filesystem events as they are processed 
     81.B generators 
     83List current versions of generators 
     85.B groups 
     87List groups 
     89.B help 
     91Print the list of available commands 
     93.B mappings <type*> <name*> 
     95Print generator mappings for optional type and name 
     97.B profile <command> <args> 
     99Profile a single bcfg2-info command 
     101.B quit 
     103Exit bcfg2-info command line 
     105.B showentries <hostname> <type> 
     107Show abstract configuration entries for a given host 
     109.B showclient <client1> <client2> 
     111Show metadata for given hosts. 
     113.B update 
     115Process pending file events 
     117.B version 
     119Print version of this tool 
    24121.SH "SEE ALSO" 
    25122.BR bcfg2(1), 
    26123.BR bcfg2-server(8)