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#555 bcfg2 traceback if argument specified for bcfg2 desai defect blocker fixed
#587 New service spec'ed in Bundle doesn't get started immediately desai defect critical 0.9.x fixed
#523 Option to not restart services desai defect major wontfix
#528 support for multiple fingerprints desai enhancement major fixed
#533 Rules' Directory entry's prune attribute seems to be reversed. desai defect major 1.0 fixed
#544 Comments in TGenshi template.xml files cause templating to fail desai defect major 0.9.x worksforme
#548 bcfg2 fails to create new files when in paranoid mode desai defect major 0.9.x fixed
#550 bcfg2-info 'non-interactive mode' patch removes ability to specify an alternate config file desai defect major 0.9.x fixed
#575 Bcfg2 should prevent concurent update of config desai defect major fixed
#603 Directory prune option confusion desai defect major 0.9.x worksforme
#606 "bcfg2-admin init" is not creating SSL certificate and brake the installation desai defect major fixed
#525 Loosen up base schema to allow global rules (they already work) desai defect minor fixed
#540 make single pass package installs more fault tolerant desai enhancement minor fixed
#547 bcfg2-repo-validate fails tyring to validate .svn directory contents desai defect minor 0.9.x fixed
#553 Files to permit building RPMs directly from svn checkout desai enhancement minor fixed
#582 client using elementree and not lxml suffers from encoding error desai defect minor fixed
#594 Subclassed Metadata plugins: broken probes desai defect minor 0.9.x fixed
#611 bcfg2.conf filemonitor specification doesn't seem to work desai defect minor fixed
#615 "bcfg2 -b toto" should warn user if no bundle named "toto" is found. solj defect minor fixed
#631 APT version='any' verifies, but doesn't install desai defect minor fixed
#632 SYSV 'any' version support desai enhancement minor fixed
#546 Please provide more information on Agent Mode desai defect trivial fixed
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