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#588 Insecure tempfile creation in SSHBase desai defect blocker fixed
#597 probes traceback desai defect blocker 0.9.x fixed
#551 Failed to bind service desai defect critical 0.9.x worksforme
#469 bcfg2-admin pull is broken desai defect major 0.9.x fixed
#556 bcfg2-info tracebacks desai defect major fixed
#568 server can't handle profile specified in clients.xml and on command line desai defect major fixed
#569 Bcfg2.Logging causes namespace collisions on case-insensitive filesystems desai defect major fixed
#571 SGenshi left out of encoding update desai defect major fixed
#576 2 group of same category should give an alert, only the last is taken desai defect major fixed
#583 bcfg2-info broke desai defect major fixed
#599 deltas not being recognised desai defect major fixed
#613 Migrating from to 0.9.6rc1 broke TCheetah template desai defect major 0.9.x fixed
#504 sequence number for <service> tag desai defect minor fixed
#515 Add an option for logging ouput location. desai enhancement minor fixed
#536 option to disable fam desai enhancement minor fixed
#537 Add setting in config file for reports in a subdirctory desai defect minor fixed
#538 The invocation of "svn info" should be independant of the locale desai defect minor 0.9.x fixed
#554 fix typo in bcfg2-server init script desai defect minor fixed
#563 Confusing message from dns error desai enhancement minor 0.9.x fixed
#566 bcfg2-server Debian package is missing a dependency on python-genshi desai defect minor 0.9.x fixed
#570 Typo in Server/Plugins/ desai defect minor fixed
#579 bcfg2-repo-validate should warn on missing references solj enhancement minor fixed
#580 clients with uuids must have private passwords desai defect minor fixed
#585 bcfg2-admin minestruct does not work with DBStats plugin desai defect minor fixed
#590 In interactive mode ask for install __important__ config file desai enhancement minor fixed
#593 bcfg2-admin minestruct -g doesn't work desai defect minor fixed
#595 group categories not handled quite right desai defect minor fixed
#560 Spelling fixes desai defect trivial fixed
#565 bcfg2-admin asks a question with one true answer: /etc/bcfg2.conf] desai defect trivial fixed
#573 Patch to remove some debugging code desai defect trivial fixed
#589 Ignore events for #* and .#* desai enhancement trivial fixed
#607 bcfg2-server doc in source needs update desai enhancement trivial fixed
#609 Plugins/ needs to have svn:keywords fixed desai defect trivial fixed
#612 bcfg2-repo-validate -v complains if a bundle is in SGenshi instead of Bundler desai defect trivial wontfix
#620 bcfg2-repo-validate handles bundle as info.xml file desai defect trivial 0.9.x fixed
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