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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#685 a plugin to set chattr would be nice desai enhancement major 1.0
#786 Debian packaging should make bcfg2-server usable after initial install dclark enhancement minor 1.0
#1112 Packages Doesn't Handle Dependencies for Multiple Repositories Correctly defect minor 1.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#785 Lock out clients from the server. desai enhancement major 1.0 invalid
#865 Multiple versions per package desai enhancement major 1.0 duplicate
#1146 should handle <Path type='directory'> tags in Rules files desai defect major 1.0 fixed
#1159 server: decisions: empty decision lists desai defect major 1.0 fixed
#962 SSLCA plugin should be able to generate certs in multiple formats desai enhancement minor 1.0 duplicate
#1133 bcfg2 server hangs on SSHbase defect minor 1.0 invalid
#1157 server: missing import in desai defect minor 1.0 fixed
#1160 Enhancement to NagiosGen plugin desai enhancement minor 1.0 fixed
#638 Conider exposing some bcfg2 functionality via a fuse filesystem desai enhancement trivial 1.0 wontfix

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#746 Unit tests for desai enhancement major 1.0
#823 Support SSH debian urls in packages plugin desai enhancement major 1.0
#827 Add option to force toggles from command line during startup solj enhancement major 1.0
#837 order items inside bundles desai enhancement major 1.0
#1139 Svn.Update does not update the repository when repository is locked desai defect major 1.0
#1158 server: multiprocessing: observe the iterator protocol desai defect major 1.0
#617 allow multiple Bundle/Independant entries in a single Bundle xml file desai enhancement minor 1.0
#534 add support for "unspecified" configuration entries desai enhancement trivial
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