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#241 Cfg: probes will fail to execute desai defect blocker bcfg2-server
#242 Cfg: only last probe gets used desai defect blocker bcfg2-server
#121 :info as filename a bad idea desai defect major bcfg2-server
#133 config file trumps commandline options desai defect major bcfg2-client
#148 bcfg2 fails to build config if Base/ directory is empty desai defect major bcfg2-server
#167 Bundle: PostInstall usage desai enhancement major bcfg2-client
#213 0.8.5pre1 spec file desai defect major bcfg2-client
#240 Integrate Patch to enable bcfg2-client to bind its socket to a specific local IP-Adress desai enhancement major bcfg2-client
#134 rpm-related traceback desai defect minor bcfg2-client
#163 Make bcfg2.conf file accessible to the Plugins desai enhancement minor bcfg2-server
#186 Client Traceback desai defect minor bcfg2-client
#132 -f traceback desai defect trivial bcfg2-client
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