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#447 bcfg2-admin: guess path to ssl key file desai enhancement critical bcfg2-server
#439 traceback with PEM key after upgrading to 0.9.3 desai defect major bcfg2-server
#442 Client resolution should be case-insensitive desai defect major bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#445 python-lxml vs. lxml desai defect major bcfg2-client
#446 RPMng doesn't announce its failures desai defect major bcfg2-client
#435 bcfg2 clumsy fingers friendly? desai defect minor bcfg2-client
#436 Interactive mode feature request desai enhancement minor bcfg2-client
#441 bcfg2-admin --help doesn't mention all capabilities desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#443 rpmng repo validation fails desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#449 ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list in bcfg2-info desai defect minor bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#450 Comments in Deps/*.xml cause operation GetConfig to complete with fault desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#437 Inconsistent wording in client messages desai defect trivial bcfg2-client
#440 bashism in init script desai defect trivial bcfg2-client
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