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#780 Snapshots hangs when writing an entry and stops recording data until a server restart desai defect major bcfg2-client 1.0
#848 YUMng fails to upgrade bcfg2 rpm desai defect major bcfg2-client 1.0
#880 GPG Keys with YUMng and Packages desai defect major bcfg2-client 1.0
#940 export script incompatibility wth osx solj defect major bcfg2-client 1.0
#950 Deps schema does not include Path desai defect major bcfg2-server 1.0
#622 Missing configuration files do not get installed solj enhancement minor bcfg2-client 1.0
#894 duplicate <Package ... > elements in Bundler/ and Rules/ cause problems desai defect minor bcfg2-server 1.0
#951 Outdated packages solj task minor bcfg2-client
#959 YUMng ignores verify_flags desai enhancement minor bcfg2-client 1.0
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