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#460 No way to specify packages with the same name but under different package mannagement systems desai defect critical bcfg2-server
#465 Bcfg2 destroys symbolic links when installing files desai defect critical bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#483 Debian driver does not start services that should be running and are stopped desai defect critical bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#513 Nasty bcfg2 client traceback desai defect critical bcfg2-client
#413 Links in Cfg desai defect major bcfg2-client
#434 Build mode not working. services still restarted. desai defect major bcfg2-client
#444 Segfaults with bcfg2-repo-validate and bcfg2-build-reports (0.9.3 0.1) desai defect major bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#452 building an RPM from source fails desai defect major bcfg2-client
#461 bundle change not getting triggered by negated group section desai defect major bcfg2-client
#467 Encaps need better string splitting regexps dclark defect major bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#468 0.9.5pre1 has group confusion desai defect major bcfg2-server
#470 Account plugin cleanup and sudo fix desai defect major bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#471 test case desai defect major bcfg2-client
#475 Probes not working desai defect major bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#476 Schema update needed? desai defect major bcfg2-client
#478 Schemas not updated for freebsd support desai defect major bcfg2-client
#479 Bcfg2 0.9.4 installs some package twice, causing some bundles to fail desai defect major bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#481 bcfg2 fails to notice removal of some Cfg templates desai defect major bcfg2-server
#482 YUMng driver does not work desai defect major bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#486 Traceback in DebInit.BundleNotUpdated() during bcfg2 -kdvP in bcfg2 0.9.5pre5 desai defect major bcfg2-client
#487 importscript error desai defect major bcfg2-reports 0.9.x
#492 Hosts still show up in reports after deactivating them hagedorn defect major bcfg2-reports 0.9.x
#514 Check info.xml files in Cfg with repo-validate desai enhancement major bcfg2-server
#522 Overriding an existing Package/PackList for a group in Pkgmgr needs bcfg2-server restart desai defect major bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#524 Directory fails if entry is not a directory desai defect major bcfg2-client
#527 Better error message when can't read /etc/bcfg2.conf desai defect major bcfg2-client
#334 New Reporting System - feature request hagedorn enhancement minor bcfg2-reports 2.0
#390 Diversions for ConfigFiles desai enhancement minor bcfg2-server
#411 Printable Documentation desai defect minor bcfg2-doc 0.9.x
#425 group/host specific :info files desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#456 Server-side probe logging desai enhancement minor bcfg2-reports
#457 traceback running showclient twice desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#458 Default to numeric users/groups dclark defect minor bcfg2-client
#459 Extend XInclude support to all XML files desai enhancement minor bcfg2-client
#480 Stacktrace on "bcfg2-admin pull" on file permissions change desai defect minor bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#488 [patch] Fix config parsing problem with spaces desai defect minor bcfg2-server 0.9.x
#509 Cosmetic issue with -r option message in YUMng.Install desai defect minor bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#511 SYSV client tool unnecessarily requires url attribute for package verification desai defect minor bcfg2-client 0.9.x
#489 [patch] Add "exit" as a way to quit bcfg-info desai defect trivial bcfg2-client 0.9.x
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