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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#364 Installation fails (syntax error in desai defect blocker bcfg2-client
#363 Ubuntu package missing Hostbase's data files desai defect critical bcfg2-server
#319 Example repository doesn't validate desai defect major bcfg2-server
#335 cheetah traceback desai defect major bcfg2-client
#343 Group missing from "Annotated Examples" desai defect major bcfg2-client
#359 paranoid mode should be truly paranoid desai defect major bcfg2-client
#369 Client reports of an unknown unmanaged entry desai defect major bcfg2-client
#374 File missing from 0.9pre6 spec desai defect major bcfg2-client
#375 0.9pre6 traceback desai defect major bcfg2-client
#376 bcfg2-info is scary desai defect major bcfg2-client
#299 bcfg2 should warn in case of duplicate entries desai enhancement minor bcfg2-client
#324 bcfg2-server setup desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#329 server broken desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#336 Cheetah traceback desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#362 Conflicts in the documentation desai defect minor bcfg2-server
#365 Client says "AssertionError: All strings must be Unicode or ASCII" desai defect minor bcfg2-client
#373 bcfg2-build-reports wrongly displays hosts as "bad" desai defect minor bcfg2-reports
#377 typo in verbose output desai defect minor bcfg2-client
#300 Only look for *.xml files for certain plugins desai enhancement trivial bcfg2-server
#322 "typo" in bcfg-admin desai defect trivial bcfg2-server
#356 Sort changes with bcfg2 -I desai enhancement trivial bcfg2-client

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#318 Config file missing from package desai defect major bcfg2-client

Resolution: duplicate (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#366 Unprecise questions in interactive mode desai defect trivial bcfg2-client
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