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#358 solj bradshaw wontfix problems with down vs. pingable

So I recently found that I have certain subnets that don't allow ICMP, so now my reports are showing that I have machines that are down that actually are up and running fine. I chatted shortly with Joey on this to find that he has already thought about this. Talk was of allowing per host configurations and also the ability to mark machines as decommisioned so that you don't end up with so much cruft in the reports.

#472 solj dclark fixed Make work under Cygwin

On Cygwin, there is no "root" or "UID 0" user, because the users are all taken from the Windows system. I believe the only constant is the "SYSTEM" account; I don't think the UID of "SYSTEM" is consistent however. For groups, there are both "SYSTEM" and "root"; I'm not sure which would be better to use, SYSTEM I'd guess for consistency.

I'm thinking maybe I should rollback my uid/gid normalization stuff and just make the default uid/gid hard-coded platform-specific; so the client would detect what system it's on, and do this:

OS Default User Default Group
AIX root system
Anything else root root

Thoughts? This would be client-side-only, unlike the current solution.

Other than this Bcfg2 seems to work fine under Cygwin (Python 2.5.1, m2crypto 0.17 build from source, bcfg2 0.9.5pre1). Of course only "Action" and "POSIX" client tools show up.

#539 solj [email protected] worksforme negate package

I think it would be useful to be able to negate a package or specify that a package should be uninstalled(possibly purged with apt-get).

At the moment, I am using actions and dynamic groups to do this. The only problem is that the actions are run every time I run bcfg2.

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