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#1083 desai fixed "Packages" does not treat Recommended packages as Managed when recommended='true'

As the title says, after setting <Source recommended='true' ...>, Packages still treats the autoinstalled packages as Unmanaged.

#421 desai [email protected] fixed "Preserving" timestamps of config files

It would be nice to be able to control the mtime of configuration files. This could be done in two ways:

  • use the mtime of the base or delta files, or
  • add an additional mtime field to the :info files

The former looks like the nicer way for people copying over config files as bases into the Cfg subdir. But the latter method fits better with bcfg2's general philosophy. It also looks much easier to implement.


#728 desai David Strauss <[email protected]…> fixed "Provides" language in is confusing

"Provides" is a transitive verb where the direct object is the item being provided. The code does not use it this way, which is confusing.

Instead of "provides" as a noun, "providers" seems to be better. Better yet is proper use of the verb "to provide": Change "VPackage [1]: has provides [f5e4281313ff9004be488e420f90d5fe413bb5c1] (SVN r2)" to "Package(s) [f5e4281313ff9004be488e420f90d5fe413bb5c1] (SVN r2) provide(s) requirement [1]"

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