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#758 solj [email protected] worksforme Incomplete validation of includes in Client.xml

The script (bcfg2-repo-validate) will not cleanly validate the use of any XIncludes (IE: <xi:include href="prod-clients.xml"/>) in the (Metadata/clients.xml) file. Includes in (Metadata/groups.xml) work fine.

#763 solj ITS Systems Bcfg2 Team <[email protected]…> fixed RFE - bcfg2.conf option to assert paranoid mode

We are currently running 1.0pre5 and are experimenting with paranoid mode.

Currently the only way to specify paranoid mode seems to be the use of the -P command line option. It would be helpful to also have a config file option available to specify paranoid behavior whenever the Bcfg2 client is run.

It is of course possible to change the command line options that the automated cron jobs run. However, in the name of consistency between interactive and automated use, it would be helpful to be able to uniformly assert a site-specific policy to be paranoid in the config file as well.

#773 solj [email protected] fixed apt tool paths hard-coded in

I would suggest the following configuration options:

apt_tools_install_path (default: /usr)

debsums_path (default: $apt_tools_install_path/bin/debsums)

debsums_path (default: $apt_tools_install_path/bin/apt-get)

apt_tools_var_path (default: /var)

apt_tools_etc_path (default: /)

system_etc_path (default: /etc)



execs = ['/usr/bin/debsums', '/usr/bin/apt-get', '/usr/bin/dpkg'] important = ["/etc/apt/sources.list",

"/var/cache/debconf/config.dat", "/var/cache/debconf/templates.dat", '/etc/passwd', '/etc/group', '/etc/apt/apt.conf', '/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg']


output ="/usr/bin/debsums -as %s" %


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