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#577 desai [email protected] fixed Extra package should have a sub tag needfor in statistics

Extra package should have a tag like <needfor package='...' /> in the statistics so that with all extra we would know witch package called it and reajusted our repository if needed. That is kind of reverse dependancy detect.

Also those extra should never be remove with any of bcfg2 tools so that package that depends on them wont break.

In reaction to -r Package option of client

#586 desai [email protected] fixed Client should ignore checksum on files that are replaced

Bcfg2 client should do auto-ignore of all Configfile and Symlink of the configuration that fail the checksum check of the package manager for any package that are/will be installed. This way sysadmin would not need to add Ignore tags to Pakcage every time they push a custom file to client.

#531 desai [email protected] fixed Add recursion to Deps

Given that for some packages there are dependencies that need to be satisfied when installing the dependencies for that package (e.g. package A requires package B, and package B requires package C), it would be good if this could be modeled in the Deps generator.

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