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#613 desai Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…> fixed Migrating from to 0.9.6rc1 broke TCheetah template

Once I did the upgrade I've got this messages while starting the bcfg2-server:

... Nov 14 04:08:01 bcfg2 bcfg2-server[24420]: Override encoding of template to ascii Nov 14 04:08:01 bcfg2 bcfg2-server[24420]: NotFound?: cannot find 'properties' while searching for '' Nov 14 04:08:01 bcfg2 bcfg2-server[24420]: TCheetah template error for /etc/apt/sources.list Nov 14 04:08:01 bcfg2 bcfg2-server[24420]: Failed to bind entry: ConfigFile? /etc/apt/sources.list ...

The following "patch" fixed up this issue: --- /tmp/ 2008-11-14 05:03:48.000000000 -0600 +++ /usr/share/pyshared/Bcfg2/Server/Plugins/ 2008-11-14 04:42:26.000000000 -0600 @@ -26,7 +26,7 @@

self.template = Cheetah.Template.Template(open(,

compilerSettings=s, searchList = [self.searchlist])

- + =

except Cheetah.Parser.ParseError?, perror:

logger.error("Cheetah parse error for file %s" % ( logger.error(

Although I don't know if it may be applicable to new installations, what has lead me to it was ticket #559.



#619 desai Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…> fixed Bcfg2 ignores ConfigFile ending with ".tmp"

In my case, I had the ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp.

Everything seemed OK in the server but I've got the message "Failed to bind entry: ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp" although I didn't known why. In the client, I had :

Incomplete information for entry ConfigFile:/var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp; cannot install

... due to absence of owner:group attribute

although the problem wasn't linked to an :info file, as one would believe. Finally, in debbug mode I've got :

ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl does not exist Failed to read /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl: No such file or directory

So I've changed /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp to /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmpl (for template) and it worked.

#761 desai Guilhem Lettron <[email protected]…> fixed [patch] sys.version

I have patch to limit sys.version to minor and major versions.

If the version is (2,6,4rc1) has is it on Ubuntu karmic, it doesn't work.

For information, the error is : Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2", line 19, in <module>

import Bcfg2.Proxy

File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/Bcfg2/", line 26, in <module>

has_py26 = map(int,version) >= [2,6]

ValueError?: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '4rc1'


Index: src/lib/ =================================================================== --- src/lib/ (révision 5480) +++ src/lib/ (copie de travail) @@ -34,7 +34,7 @@

import urlparse import xmlrpclib

-version = string.split(string.split(sys.version)[0], ".") +version = sys.version_info[:2]

has_py23 = map(int, version) >= [2, 3] has_py26 = map(int, version) >= [2, 6]

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