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#808 solj fixed bcfg2 server using bundle "filename" and not "Bundle name" tag in bundle.

For some reason I had a bundle where the filename and the bundle name tag were out of sync.

[[email protected] Bundler]# cat adserver-httpd.xml
<Bundle name='dynamic-conf' revision='$Revision: 800 $' version='2.0'>
  <ConfigFile name='/etc/httpd/conf.d/redirector.conf' />
  <ConfigFile name='/etc/httpd/conf.d/tenzing.conf' />
  <ConfigFile name='/etc/httpd/conf.d/remnant.conf' />
  <ConfigFile name='/etc/httpd/conf.d/textads.conf' />
  <ConfigFile name='/etc/httpd/conf.d/thirdparty.conf' />
  <Service name='httpd'/>

When I config the file in groups.xml under

<Bundle Name='dynamic-conf' />

I get a Bundle can not be found. When I use the name

<Bundle name='adserver-httpd' />

it works fine. I though that the Bundle Name tag was used over the filename?

#815 solj fixed Add Ldap plugin

What would be the best format to write docs? I love the idea of using rst and sphinx, but /doc remains empty...

#816 solj solj fixed Add upstart client tool driver for ubuntu

Lucid makes use of the upstart 'service' command as opposed to using the init.d scripts directly. The scripts still work, but complain when used directly.

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