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#658 desai somekool <[email protected]…> wontfix the "proactive" mode should not be the default

running the bcfg2 client should not be destructive by default.

it could be either interactive or error out asking the user to specify a mode

-n (no) / -I (interactive) / -y (yes/proactive)

#659 desai somekool <[email protected]…> fixed the prune option in a directory should work for reporting as well

at the moment, using the prune attributes in a directory tag such as ...

<Directory name="/etc" prune="true" />

... only cause all unmanaged files to be deleted on my system when running the client.

i would expect it to create extra-configfile items in the reporting databases when running the client with -n or -I


#660 desai somekool <[email protected]…> fixed being able to whitelist an item for a specific reason.

I have made myself a function that reads the fields in the reports_reason table row to determine a "cause" for the bad item.

  def cause
    when (not(current_exists))
    when !(current_version.empty? and version.empty?)
    when !current_diff.empty?
    when !(current_owner.empty? and current_group.empty? and current_perms.empty?)
      "File attributes"
    when current_status.to_s == "on"
      "Unrequired Service"
    when current_status.to_s == "off"
      "Service down"
    when !current_status.empty?
      "Status problem"
    when !(current_to.empty? and to.empty?)

I wish I could set whitelist element to act upon this cause. for example, I want to install all missing packages but I do not want to upgrade any package that would be bad per version.

missing configfile could also be install harmlessly but I do not want to overwrite configfile for those I have a diff entry in the reason table.

and so on.


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