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#762 desai ITS Systems Bcfg2 Team <[email protected]…> fixed Two Solaris patches - package version parsing, admin file flush

This patch addresses two different problems we have encountered with the 1.0pre5 client under Solaris 10 update 6. FWIW we are using the stock Sun Python 2.4 with selected Python extensions built locally so the client can run.

1) The "admin" file for running pkgadd would be created but would be zero length when pkgadd would run. The effect was to disable the settings that allowed for setuid packages to be allowed noninteractively.

The reason appears to be because the temporary file contents are not flushed to disk until it is closed. Yet the file needs to remain open, because otherwise it would be removed entirely.

Flushing the file explicitly appears to have esolved the problem and made noninteractive package installations work.

2) We encountered a Solaris package that has spaces in the package name. The Solaris package utilities handle this fine, but the spaces broke's package name parsing. This in turn kept package verification from working.

In the name of brevity we changed the split criteria to the string ") ", representing the separator between the package architecture (e.g "(sparc)") and the package version. That has been working well for the past few weeks.

The attached patch is against revision 5413 of

#763 solj ITS Systems Bcfg2 Team <[email protected]…> fixed RFE - bcfg2.conf option to assert paranoid mode

We are currently running 1.0pre5 and are experimenting with paranoid mode.

Currently the only way to specify paranoid mode seems to be the use of the -P command line option. It would be helpful to also have a config file option available to specify paranoid behavior whenever the Bcfg2 client is run.

It is of course possible to change the command line options that the automated cron jobs run. However, in the name of consistency between interactive and automated use, it would be helpful to be able to uniformly assert a site-specific policy to be paranoid in the config file as well.

#1069 desai J davis <[email protected]…> fixed SSLCA hangs calling openssl.

When generating a client certificate SSLCA calls openssl in such a way that it will not return and causes a read timeout on the server.

The following diff against git commit a6cb404ac205e47210de1fa1f07f11571182c18c seems to fix the issue for me.

diff --git a/src/lib/Server/Plugins/ b/src/lib/Server/Plugins/
index 6bd4b06..5a517cc 100644
--- a/src/lib/Server/Plugins/
+++ b/src/lib/Server/Plugins/
@@ -271,5 +271,5 @@ class SSLCA(Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.GroupSpool):
         key = + key_filename
         cmd = ["openssl", "req", "-new", "-config", req_config,
                "-days", days, "-key", key, "-text", "-out", req]
-        res = Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=PIPE)
+        res = Popen(cmd, shell=False, stdout=PIPE)
         return req
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