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#692 dclark solj wontfix APT client tool not purging packages properly

I think this may be an issue with python-apt, but the Purging mechanism is not working properly. Configuration files are being left behind.

#857 desai Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…> fixed APT plugin chokes on new debsums (&gt;= 2.0.47) output. Patch attached


It seems that the upstream maintainer for debsums changed the output to make it clearer (debian bug #524560). Therefore, the APT plugin cannot parse the output anymore.

Please find the attached patch fixing the issue, while keeping the backwards-compatibility.


#631 desai [email protected] fixed APT version='any' verifies, but doesn't install

Using the special version string 'any' with the APT client tool, packages are verified no matter what the version is, but it won't install new packages. This patch installs the same version that would be installed with version='auto' in the case that no previous version of the package was installed.

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