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#754 solj somekool <[email protected]…> fixed Plugin for SVN checkout

I have this Action various times for multiple svn repository. I need bcfg2 to check out and update SVN repository on my servers. There is some stuff I simply don't need to package as a RPM. and Having BCFG2 check them out for me. is great.

<BoundAction? timing='pre' when='always' name='checkout_mrepo' command='if [ -d /opt/mrepo ]; then (cd /opt/mrepo; svn up -r123); else svn co -r123 /opt/mrepo; fi;' status='ignore'/>

this could be specified with something like

<BoundSvnCheckout? name='checkout_mrepo' svnpath='' svnrev='123' directory='/opt/mrepo'/>

thank you

#757 desai somekool <[email protected]…> wontfix 1.0 client cannot connect to 0.9.6 server

this would be a nice to have for the client to be backward compatible.

I often specify the fingerprint on the command line and i get this error for the machines I installed 1.0preX

option -F not recognized

#776 desai somekool <[email protected]…> fixed BoundPermissions does not seems to work

I am still using 0.9.6 and I just realized I have some permission that are not shown as bad although they are...

I have...

SGenshi/server-bcfg2.xml:               <BoundPermissions perms="0701" group="root" owner="root" name="/var/log/httpd"/>
SGenshi/server-bcfg2.xml:               <BoundPermissions perms="0701" group="root" owner="root" name="/etc/httpd/logs"/>

[[email protected] bcfg2]# ls -lda /etc/httpd/logs/
drwx------  3 root root 4096 Nov  3 00:02 /etc/httpd/logs/
[[email protected] bcfg2]# ls -ld /var/log/httpd
drwx------  3 root root 4096 Nov  3 00:02 /var/log/httpd
[[email protected] bcfg2]#

and they are shown no where as bad on the webinterface

when I run bcfg2 -I i don't see this permission being wrong or anything...

so it seems like the BoundPermissions? tag is not working properly...

actually. it seems to work for files. but not for directories.

thank you

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