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#49 desai [email protected] fixed -n and -r don't play nicely together

I accidently left '-n' on my client command line while running with '-r all' and found that bcfg left my packages unupdated (as expected), but decided to remove the extra packages I had installed. Oops!

#50 desai bradshaw fixed the new initscript client options don't work

here is the problem, and this seems to be a problem for a long time now. the combining of options doesn't work.

bcfg2 -qv != bcfg2 -q -v

so at the top of the initscript it has BCFG2_OPTIONS="-nq"

but that actually doesn't seem to work properly.

#51 desai [email protected] fixed The bcfg2-server debian sarge package depends on libxml-utils from sid

If you try to install the bcfg2-server package, you get the following error:

bcfg2-server: Depends: libxml2-utils (>= 2.6.23) but 2.6.16-7 is to be installed

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