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#799 desai somekool <[email protected]…> wontfix I wish I could specify custom group on the command line

there are some packages that must not be installed when I kick a new system. so I need to know in the bcfg2 config if this machine is being installed or is it a running system.

this could be done like ...

/usr/sbin/bcfg2 -l blacklist --groups step-kickstart

this would be very flexible and could allow many tricks in the bcfg2 config repository.


#855 desai somekool <[email protected]…> wontfix release a patch update for 0.9.6

0.9.6 still deserve a maintenance release.

on top of the two patches I uploaded on ticket #846

I will upload to this ticket my modified RPM spec file and 2 more patches.

#881 desai somekool <[email protected]…> fixed cannot buildfile for configfile entry with altsrc

i am sorry if this has been fixed already in 1.x but it seems like 'bcfg2-info buildfile fileentry hostentry' will never succeed for configentry with altsrc= attribute

well, after double checking, it works if you specify the altsrc value instead of the name= value

not sure if you guys think its worth fixing...

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