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#1123 desai worksforme SSHbase: probe mode to preserve existing host keys

SSHbase assumes that existing keys installed on client systems are not worth preserving, and generates new keys with which to overwrite them for any client that it doesn't already have keys registered. This is fine for new system deployments, where generating fresh keys won't bother anyone. For existing systems that are being brought under bcfg2 control incrementally, or that have been using bcfg2 for a while but upgraded to a version with SSHbase, this is less than helpful. Users who have already connected to a bcfg2 client system using SSH will see changed keys, with the attendant warnings and trouble.

Thus, I propose that SSHbase should have a mode to probe existing host keys, and preserve them in the bcfg2 repository, rather than generating its own and overwriting the existing keys. As suggested by solj and stpierre on IRC, this can probably be accomplished using the existing FileProbe? infrastructure with some tweaks. I'll see about actually implementing it and posting a patch.

#1126 desai m4z <[email protected]…> worksforme When specifying a wrong CA, no useful error messages are generated

This is basically the same underlying (user) problem as #1104 describes, just with a different cause, hence the separate ticket.

I switched from the default setup where certificate == ca in bcfg2.conf on the server to one where they where separate files and stupid me changed only the certificate line, and forgot all about the ca line. My problem then was that even with debug mode enabled on both the server and client (on the same machine),

  • the server did not log anything about a connection attempt at all, and
  • the client only logged "Failed to download probes:".

I had to confirm with tcpdump that the connection was even attempted.

Please add useful SSL debug messages, and keep up the good work. (:

#1161 desai worksforme bcfg2-info redirect to stdout truncated in 1.3.5 on RedHat 6.6 64-bit

Hi, I want to use showentries in bcfg2-info to get a list of files etc. distributed to a server. It works fine in interactive mode, but the results are truncated if I redirect to stdout. The evrsion is: bcfg2-info 1.3.5 on Python 2.6.6

Is there any fix for this?

Best regards,


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