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#673 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> fixed service mode feature request: do not restart service

I would like a mode option to the Service tag that would NOT restart the service if its bundle/etc is updated iff the service is already running.

I deploy OpenAFS which I want bcfg2 to configure and start per normal. However, if OpenAFS is already running in cannot be restarted. The sane issue is its a filesystem and users/processes may be using it. The insane issue is...AFS can't be restarted without it doing bad things to your kernel.

#678 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> fixed Packages plugin cleanups

We need to catch exceptions thrown by

data = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()

around line 80 of

Also, appending additional directories/files onto URLs from the config.xml configuration needs to be done more robustly. Currently, if any of the YUMSource URLs in config.xml do not end with a / character you get some very weird messages resulting from not being able to fetch the repository data.

#679 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> worksforme Disable package verification using Packages plugin

I can't seem to disable per-package verification using the Packages plugin. I used the following in the Rules plugin:

<Package name='pam' verify='false' type='yum'/>

This produced the message from the bcfg2 client:

Incomplete information for entry Package:pam; cannot verify

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