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#366 desai naapuri duplicate Unprecise questions in interactive mode
  1. In interactive mode, the client asks whether to upgrade packages. However, the proposed version might be older than the installed one.
Upgrade Package netbase (4.28 -> 4.27)? (y/N)

I'm not sure whether we can always have a credible way to check which package is newer, so maybe the best (or at least easiest) fix is to change the text to something like "Upgrade/downgrade Package".

2. With ConfigFile entries, the client asks this question for any kind of anomaly:

Would you like to install ConfigFile: /etc/hosts? (y/N):

This question should better indicate what is going to happen if one says "y" here. It might mean installing a whole new file or changing file contents and/or permissions/ownership. (Yes, the client might have printed lines such as "ConfigFile /etc/hosts permissions wrong: are 0640 should be 0644" but they are not necessarily adjacent to the question.) How many different question texts are needed?
#667 desai dclark duplicate Bcfg2-tracked version control checkouts

It might be useful to allow bcfg2 to interface with version control systems, so you could say in bcfg2 syntax "I want a checkout from W version control system of X version from Y repository at Z location"; bcfg2 could, like with packages, also verify that only files from the version control repository at the designated version exist on each run. It would probably also be good to be able to specify HEAD / trunk version.

#721 desai David Strauss <[email protected]…> duplicate Clarify the relationship between managed packages and dependencies

Currently, bcfg2 only considers the explicit, top-level packages to be managed entries. Yet, top-level packages run through the Packages plugin generally have many dependencies. These dependencies should be considered "managed" too, in some way.

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