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#736 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> worksforme Turn off verification per packages in Packages plugin

There is no way to turn off verification of specific packages when using the Packages plugin.

I'm testing on Fedora 11 and authconfig is altering the PAM configurations using symlinks:

# rpm -V pam
....L....  c /etc/pam.d/fingerprint-auth
....L....  c /etc/pam.d/password-auth
....L....  c /etc/pam.d/smartcard-auth
S.5....T.  c /etc/pam.d/system-auth
Verifying package instances for pam
        verify_flags = ['', 'nomtime', 'nomd5', 'nosize']
 {'files': [['RPMVERIFY_LINKTO', 'c', '/etc/pam.d/fingerprint-auth'], ['RPMVERIFY_LINKTO', 'c', '/etc/pam.d/password-auth'], ['RPMVERIFY_LINKTO', 'c', '/etc/pam.d/smartcard-auth']], 'nevra': ('pam', None, '1.0.91', '6.fc11', 'i586')} 
*** Instance 0:1.0.91-6.fc11.i586 failed RPM verification ***

I'm not able to teach Bcfg2 that the PAM package is okay.

#797 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> fixed Sanity check config file with -C

There's a lack of sanity checking if I call bcfg2-server with the -C option to specify a config file.

If the config file does not exist bcfg2-server exists successfully. There's no indication that it did not spawn off the server process in the background unless you go looking for it.

-C /dev/null behaves similarly.

#873 desai Jack Neely <[email protected]…> fixed Attributes for packages pulled in by Packages plugin's prereqs

I need to be able to add attributes to the packages that the Packages plugin prereq generator adds to my configuration.

For example, my configuration includes the "sendmail-cf" package. The Packages plugin automatically adds the "sendmail" package as its required by "sendmail-cf." I manage in my configuration /etc/mail/ which sendmail will use to recreate the with the sendmail-cf package installed.

However, Bcfg2 insists that the "sendmail" package fails verification because /etc/mail/ has been modified and I'm not directly managing that file. I'd really like to not verify the sendmail package or be able to tell Bcfg2 to ignore the /etc/mail/ file.

A suggested method was to use BoundPackage to set verify='false' but this method just adds a second sendmail package to the configuration and does not affect the attributes for the package added by the Packages prereq generator.

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