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#558 solj [email protected] fixed allow hard links to be specified

I found that I need to create a hard link for cups and pykota. Cups doesn't work with symlinks in /usr/lib/cups/backend in Debian and Ubuntu.

Can you please add hard link support?

#562 solj solj fixed Summary Displays view shows incorrect extra configuration information

All hosts are displayed as having extra configuration entries despite the fact that they do not.

#579 solj [email protected] fixed bcfg2-repo-validate should warn on missing references

bcfg2-repo-validate should provide an option (or by default?) where it warns if a referenced entity doesn't actually exist. For example, if my groups.xml file references a Bundle, but that Bundle isn't present in the Bundle directory, there should be a warning.

By providing this feature, bcg2-repo-validate may be able to find typos and insight into those awful "it-looks-correct-but-it-actually-isn't" types of errors.

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