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#76 desai anonymous worksforme Permissions not checked

It appears that if nothging else is dirty in the bundle, permissions won't be checked. Let's say I have a bundle with:

<ConfigFile? name='foo.conf'/> <Permissions name='bar'/>

If foo.conf is wrong, bar's permissions will be checked. If foo.conf is clean bar's permissions aren't checked even if they're dirty.

#133 desai bradshaw worksforme config file trumps commandline options

the config file needs to exist and then trumps the commandline options so you can't use any of the fancy -S <other server> stuff.

#398 desai naapuri worksforme Installing a ConfigFile kills symlinks

I had a ConfigFile? statement for /foo/bar/baz.conf. On the client, /foo was a symlink to /real-foo, and there the bar/ subdir didn't exist.

When installing baz.conf, the bcfg2 client killed the /foo -> /real-foo symlink and created directories /foo/ and /foo/bar/.

I expected the client not to mind that /foo/ is a symlink.

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