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#559 desai anonymous fixed psyco breaks TCheetah

I installed psyco for pykota, and my Cheetah templates stopped working.

This error shows up in the log on the server:

May 13 17:27:23 ibm13 bcfg2-server[16871]: NotFound: cannot find 'self'
May 13 17:27:23 ibm13 bcfg2-server[16871]: TCheetah template error for /etc/crontab
#657 desai Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…> fixed prune attribute unable to remove directories

When using the prune attribute of Directory, it may try to os.unlink a directory (see and fails. The attached patch shows a more informative message that tells the user to check the dir manually.

An alternative would be to just use shutil.rmtree instead.

#358 solj bradshaw wontfix problems with down vs. pingable

So I recently found that I have certain subnets that don't allow ICMP, so now my reports are showing that I have machines that are down that actually are up and running fine. I chatted shortly with Joey on this to find that he has already thought about this. Talk was of allowing per host configurations and also the ability to mark machines as decommisioned so that you don't end up with so much cruft in the reports.

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