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#933 desai duplicate Can't start bcfg2 server straight from deb package

Am trying to learn bcfg2 - so downloaded bcfg2 + bcfg2-server from PPA for karmic. Server refused to start without issuing error:

No Metadata Plugin loaded; failed to instantiate Core No Metadata Plugin exiting

Was unable to find any further debugging output. After running server with 'strace' found that '/var/lib/bcfg2/Metadata/clients.xml' was non-existant. That's my fault, as that is a required component.

However, the problem I have is that the error message returned from server was useless in debugging issue. Further, there was no README included with debian package to explain minimal setup required once the package was installed.

Please add more verbose output (the above was found while running server with '-vd'), please be specific with what the error that occurred, not just 'it didn't work'. And please add a README with minimal steps required. If nothing else you can have the README simply include a link to the QuickStart? pages on this wiki.

#962 desai gdhagger duplicate SSLCA plugin should be able to generate certs in multiple formats

Currently the SSLCA plugin can only generate x509 PEM format certificates. Should add the ability to generate PKCS12 certs (and maybe others?)

#989 solj jreddy duplicate Package verification failures are recording wrong error

This bug exists in Bcfg2 1.1.1.

Packages that are recording "Bad Package" with the reason being version differences are actually not a result of different version. They are actually an issue with specific files from the package having been modified. Take the following for example, "aaa_base" from a SuSE 10 client.

The running "bcfg2 -q -v -d" provides this snippet of output:

Verifying package instances for aaa_base
        verify_flags = ['', 'nomd5']
 {'files': [['RPMVERIFY_MTIME', 'c', '/etc/inittab'], 
 ['RPMVERIFY_FILESIZE', 'RPMVERIFY_MTIME', 'c', '/etc/mailcap'],
 ['RPMVERIFY_FILESIZE', 'RPMVERIFY_MTIME', 'c', '/etc/mime.types']],
 'nevra': ('aaa_base', None, '10', '12.58.1', 'x86_64')}
        Modlist/Ignore match: /etc/inittab
*** Instance 0:10-12.58.1.x86_64 failed RPM verification ***
        Package aaa_base failed verification.

It's clear that the error here is a result of the 3 files from the aaa_base RPM having been modified. However, the error gets recorded in the database as a version discrepancy, and not as files having been modified.

Reporting deviation from expected state must be done accurately in order to correct configurations.

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