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#73 desai dclark fixed Move encap code out from to non-os-specific location

There is code to use the epkg package manager / encap package management system in src/lib/Client/ ; I'd like to request that this code be moved to or another location where it will be inherated by other platforms (, etc.), as encap works across all Posix platforms (and is in no way Solaris-specific), and at my site we often use it instead of the OS package management system for locally-compiled software across many different platforms.

#74 dclark dclark worksforme encap supported platforms - user reports

This ticket is for users of the encap bootstrap code to report success on platforms not listed in the current README file. Please do not close this ticket.

If you have done substantial work to add a completely new platform, or are having problems, please open a separate ticket.

Please include at least the following information in any reports:

  • OS: AIX, GNU/Linux, Solaris etc.
  • Vendor: IBM, Debian, Redhat, SuSE, Sun etc.
  • Version: 5.3, Sarge, 10 etc.
  • Arch: POWER, i386, Sparc etc.
  • GCC: 3.3.5, 4.1.2 etc.
  • By: Your initials, name and email address (optional, may be obscured).
  • With VERSION: encap bootstrap version (from encap/VERSION file) and bcfg2 version.


OS Vendor Version Arch GCC By With VERSION
AIX IBM 5.3 POWER 4.1.0 dc 0.1/0.8.2pre6
GNU/Linux Debian Sarge i386 3.3.5 dc 0.1/0.8.2pre6
GNU/Linux Debian Sid i386 4.1.2 dc 0.2/0.8.2pre7

dc: "Daniel Clark" <mailto:[email protected]…>

#76 desai anonymous worksforme Permissions not checked

It appears that if nothging else is dirty in the bundle, permissions won't be checked. Let's say I have a bundle with:

<ConfigFile? name='foo.conf'/> <Permissions name='bar'/>

If foo.conf is wrong, bar's permissions will be checked. If foo.conf is clean bar's permissions aren't checked even if they're dirty.

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