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#409 desai Jason Hedden fixed bcfg2-admin compare IOError Traceback

When running 'bcfg2-admin compare -r' on an incorrect directory produces the following traceback:

# bcfg2-admin compare -r bcfg2-0.8.7 bcfg2-0.9.2 Entry: Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2-admin", line 487, in ?


File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2-admin", line 223, in do_compare

state = do_compare([oldd + '/' + item, newd + '/' + item])

File "/usr/sbin/bcfg2-admin", line 238, in do_compare

new = lxml.etree.parse(new).getroot()

File "etree.pyx", line 1230, in etree.parse File "etree.pyx", line 157, in etree._parseDocument File "parser.pxi", line 153, in etree.Parser.parseDocFromFile

IOError: Could not open file bcfg2-0.9.2/hostname.domainame.xml

#738 desai Jeff Strunk <[email protected]…> fixed Packages plugin alternates packages with "conflicts"/"replaces" relations

Sol> <quote who="Jeff Strunk" address="[email protected]…"> Sol> > I am using bcfg2 1.0 pre5 on Ubuntu Jaunty. I am using the Sol> > Packages plugin. Sol> > Sol> > I noticed that every time I run bcfg2 on a client about 30 Sol> > packages get installed. The next time I run it a different set Sol> > get installed. It alternates between those two sets. The Sol> > packages in one set get uninstalled and replaced by the other Sol> > set. Sol> >

Sol> Are these all dependencies that are getting installed each time? You Sol> should be able to check using bcfg2-info. There is information on how to Sol> do this on the Packages page in trac:


Sol> If they are dependencies and it's alternating between two Provides Sol> options, you can specify the one you wish in your configuration Sol> explicitly. I have only been using Packages for a short period of time, Sol> so Narayan may have some better advice.

OK. The first thing to do is to upgrade to the version of > from trunk. You can grab that from You can upgrade by replacing the existing on the server and restarting it.

Once you do this, make sure that you're getting stable results for your configuration. (run bcfg2 -c /tmp/cfg1 -n ; bcfg2 -n -c /tmp/cfg2), and then diff them. (there is a bcfg2-admin mode for further comparing them if they aren't identical)

This will point us in the right direction.

Does your config include sudo-ldap explicitly?


I upgraded the Packages plugin. The clients receive consistent configurations. The same packages are still alternating on the clients.

My config does include sudo-ldap explicitly and never mentions the sudo package.

The config the clients receive has the following lines:

<Bundle name="sudo">
<Package name="sudo-ldap" version="auto" type="deb"/>

<Package origin="Packages" version="auto" type="deb" name="sudo"/>

Is the dependency resolver not taking the Provides relationship into account?

#849 desai Jeff Strunk <[email protected]…> fixed Packages plugin ignores sources from the same URL

I am using version 1.0.1-1~ppa2~hardy2.

The packages plugin appears to be ignoring APTSource containers if the URL is the same as one it has already seen. I have attached some examples to illustrate this.

The first example is an excerpt from our config.xml. It has 5 APTSource containers with the same URL, but different Versions.

The second attachment shows an ls in the cache directory. It only shows files for the first APTsource container.

In IRC, Sol showed me that I could use multiple Version tags in an APTSource container even though Desai says it shouldn't work. This is not valid when different versions of the OS are stored in the same repository. I first discovered this when I had hardy and jaunty versions of packages in a repository.

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