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#1019 desai duplicate Using client cert authentication only requires the use of a "user" and "password" in the bcfg2.conf file.

When using client certs as an authentication method *strictly*, the SSL code still requires that the client set a username and password (as a part of the URL that the code uses to connect to the server). This is because the server is expecting an Authorization header. Even though these values are ignored it is required for a proper session.

This requirement is confusing and undocumented and should probably be removed and/or documented.

I suppose a default username and password can also be used if a client cert is defined and no username and password exist.

#1077 duplicate Support explicit removal and exclusion of packages

Currently, there is no way to explicitly remove a package from a system. You can simply not include it in the config and run with bcfg2 -r, but that doesn't catch all use cases. It'd be nice to be able to specify the package in a bundle and exclude it as a rule, much like you can do with a Path item.

#1090 desai m4z <[email protected]…> duplicate bcfg2-admin pull option to keep info files.

When I do a "bcfg2-admin pull" from somewhere, and an "info.xml" or ":info" (and maybe "info", don't use those) already exists for that file, the info file is overwritten with whatever the client has.

Especially in the case of a host-specific pull, this is not what I'd expect. It would be nice for bcfg2-admin to support a knob to keep the info file as-is (or even to make this the default behavior).

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